Legendary Systems and Today’s Restaurant Technology: What Are You Doing – Guessing?

Restaurant Technology ImageryIt’s a weird phenomenon in the operation of kitchens and bars – there are often no systems for counting and pars and order guides and all.  So, what are you doing?  Guessing?  If that sounds like your restaurant, one thing’s for sure – you are wasting money.

In 1998, I was the GM of the Dana Point Chart House, having a great run and tons of fun. It was also the West Coast training hub for new managers, so the Company thought it would be a good idea for me and my team to work with a new consultant out of Chicago. Of course, I obliged, and in no time, I was welcoming Larry Melman of Lettuce Entertain You and his entourage to my restaurant. It was an education. These guys had their act together. Whether it was an upscale Rush Street Asian Diner or Snizzle on Shizzle, they ran the same systems behind the scenes regardless of the concept. Designed and zoned so you could hand the clipboard to your Grandma and she could place an accurate order (as long as she knows how to count!), it was a seamless loop.  But it was all manual all the time – before the days of streamlined restaurant technology.

Labor, food cost, quality, my team – everything improved immensely and quickly. Lettuce Entertain You taught me a lot about systems, and it never left my blood.  If you do not follow daily procedures, your product will likely suck and cost you money.

Incorporating Today’s Restaurant Technology

Nearly 20 years later, we know how to do it much more efficiently. Today’s restaurant technology kicks ass in amazing ways, if you know what apps are best for your situation. We are here to help. We have tried and tested all the most current POS, Restaurant Analytics, and Inventory Programs.  Restaurant information technology is changing the business more rapidly than any other development I have seen in 35 years in this industry. Forget the old legacy systems, and let us show you how much smoother and more powerfully you can run your business.

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