Once I Had a Plan: The Importance of a Restaurant Business Plan

The Importance of a Restaurant Business PlanOnce I had a plan – and the plan worked.

Well-written restaurant business plans work 95% of the time. Consistently. However, few restaurant operators actually write a business plan, and even fewer know to write one. I have written dozens and love writing them. It is creative and analytic at the same time. California Restaurant Consulting has years of expertise in Business Planning.

Who Needs a Restaurant Business Plan

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already established, a business plan gives you direction.

  • Are you in need of financing or investors? You need a Business Plan.
  • Are you looking for a quality site with a quality landlord? You need a Business Plan.
  • Are you overwhelmed by the amount of moving parts in your company? Well, you get the idea.

Bankers, investors, and landlords cannot see the vision in your head.  They need something tangible to understand and evaluate your concept.  That’s what a restaurant business plan is designed to do.

Also, you get what you measure for.  A proper business plan has well-designed benchmarks to keep you on track. In addition, it gives you the power to truly evaluate a potential site because it ensures you have your financial plan in place.  We can help you build your package starting with your menu and per-head, meal period projections, daily sales, monthly sales, targeted demographics, and space requirements to use in evaluating whether a prospective site will really fit your needs. Site selection is not an emotional decision, but a business decision.  And your plan helps prevent choosing the wrong location.

The Story of My Own Restaurant Business Plan

I built my own Business Plan for my restaurant company in 2000 and then opened my first location in 2002 according to The Plan. Three restaurants and 10 years later, I looked back at my plan in detail for a periodic review and it was eerie how much things had gone according to Plan. Sales, growth, profit – all were super close to how I had planned it out.

I did vary from my own Plan in one big way, which ended up costing me that entire company –  another story for another post. At CRC, we foster and encourage your ideas and passion, and we work them into a Business Plan that we know will work for you personally and make the operation profitable. We know your vision will drive the success of your business, and the restaurant business plan is your road map.

Let us help you keep moving forward in the right direction.  Call us at (949) 531-9313.



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