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Book Chef Coaching from Chef Pascal Olhats

Book Chef Coaching from Chef Pascal Olhats: Limited Time Offer!

That’s right: you can book chef coaching from renowned Chef Pascal Olhats, held on-site in your own restaurant kitchen! Chef Pascal Olhats, one of the most respected and well known French Chefs in Orange County, is now offering an on-site teaching opportunity for local chefs. Chef Pascal is available to “coach” local chefs at their kitchen during normal operational hours. This is a unique opportunity to learn best practices for operating your kitchen from an experienced chef.

Chef Pascal will come to your kitchen, and observe your kitchen, both in terms of food preparation, and cook line procedures. Chef Pascal will “coach” or give advice / consultation to your Chef. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • how to make the kitchen more efficient — control your costs!
  • how to prepare consistently high quality food — keep your guests coming back, and telling their friends about how good the food is!

These sessions can be scheduled on a 4 hour per week, or 8 hours per week, basis. These “coaching” sessions can be one time only, or by the month (4 one week sessions).

Chef Pascal will look at the kitchen staff as a team, and advise the chef, in his role as the leader of his team. Chef Pascal will not interfere, or give any orders to either the chef, or cooks. Like a professional sports coach at game time, Chef Pascal stays on the side line. The goal is to help the chef operate his kitchen in the most efficient manner possible, including the food preparation system; purchasing procedures; food storage; Food Stuffs and Prepared Food Inventory; with the overall goal of optimizing and controlling food cost and kitchen labor cost.

Chef Pascal will NOT get Involved with menu planning and development, nor restaurant concept changes. Chef Pascal’s goal Is to improve the established restaurant concept to maximize restaurant “back of the house” efficiencies, and minimize operational costs, while providing high quality food for the restaurant patrons.

How to Book Chef Coaching from Chef Pascal Olhats

Please contact Jack Anderson at California Restaurant Consulting to arrange for a call from Chef Pascal Olhats to discuss this program. You can reach Jack at: 1(949)636-1838
This is a limited time offer, so don’t wait!

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